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PetSafe Professional

What had started out as a salesman's concern of seeing several pet dogs as roadkill across the country while traveling by car, state to state has become a proponent to keep pet dogs safe. In 1973 Richard Peck just had enough of pets getting slaughtered by motor vehicles latched him on the idea of keeping pets safely on their owner's place. The prototype didn't have the innovations of today's Invisible Fence but it was a start for a freer and safer way for dog owners to protect their pets.

The Invisible Fence is today's leading pet fence unit manufacturer, continuously researching and developing innovative ways to be able to keep pets protected. The Invisible Fence is also the only brand approved by the ASPCA, carrying the ASPCA seal of Approval on it's packaging. The Invisible Fence brand offers its extensive line of pet containment products and more, like home service, professional installation and personalized training for your pets.

Rampant dog mauling has stepped up the concerns for better ways in keeping a pet from wandering off from an owners property without having to resort to tethering or tying it to a stake in the yard. Tying up your pet dog has never been a good idea, since dogs need wide open spaces for exercise and to fully be the dog it is. Fixed fences of wire and other barrier materials are also reasons for frequent vet visits or emergency house calls for vets. Chances of being entangled and hooked on a wire fence often leave scars and major injuries on pet dogs.

Invisible Fence addresses both the owner's and the dog's concerns with their line of Electric Dog Fences for both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor / In-home Solutions

Working mostly on 5 in. transmitter units and the companiy's patented Computer Collar, this indoors electric pet fence puts limits on where your pets are allowed to roam. The transmitter units can be hidden under or above any furniture or fixture, all Invisible Fence pet solutions work on a radius with the transmitter unit as its center. Invisible Fence In-home solutions are effective and keep certain pets away from areas of other kind of pets. With the use of the Computer Collar pet cats and dogs are corrected according to their collar settings even if their boundaries are in the same area.

In-Home electric fences are keep your home from unsightly baby gates,tipped tash and pet raided kitchen table.

Outdoor Solutions

Invisible Fence brand offers outdoor electric fence solutions fit for all homes. The system includes an transmitter, a hand held tranceiver and a the Computer Collar. The Invisible Fence system works by creating boundaries for your pet dog at the edge of your property boundary and around some parts of the your area: the pond, the flower bed, the garage and the pool area. Your pet dog has all the other places to frolic and romp, creating a free environment for your pet to be the dog he is. Having Invisible Fences enables your pet to be part of your family and keep safely on your property.

The Invisible Fence manufacturer offer free consultations and advice. Once you've purchased an Invisible Fence, professional installers get the unit running all the way down to the setting of your pet dog's collar. While installing and setting, they also educate pet owners on the process of fully enjoying the benefits of the ubit they've just purchased. Invisible Fence professional installers are also certified to train your pet dogs with the flag markers, warning and boundary limitations.

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